Drum Repairs

Much time and care has been spent creating these wonderful drums and I’ll do my best to preserve this tradition. Listed below are the features I offer when repairing your drum.

- Tune up:
- Tune your djembe or doundouns to sound great.
- Provide tuning and drum care recommendations.

- Drum head replacement:
- Highest quality goat skin from Guinea.
- Inspection of the drum shell, sanding and repairing small cracks if required.
- Inspection of rings, I check for burrs and corrosion or any other unwanted objects.
- New coat of oil to keep the wood looking good and keeps it from drying and cracking.
$100 djembe

- Rope and Rings:
- Rings are made from ¼ inch rolled steel and are custom made to fit your drum. $10 for each ring.
- Static rope for djembe $25

* Please contact me for doundoun repairs.